3 Ways to Profit from Crypto Mining

Crypto mining is the process of verifying transactions on a Blockchain by the use of powerful servers that have high-end graphic cards which are necessary for working out the complex transactions quickly. When cryptocurrencies were relatively new, it was quite easy to profit from crypto mining Bitcoin but the complexity has increased so much that it is almost cheaper to buy bitcoin than to mine it. That said, it is still possible to profit from crypto mining.

Here are 3 simple ways to profit from crypto mining:

  1. Cloud mining

Buying your own mining hardware is quite expensive and it could take forever before you break even. Also, your hardware will most likely wear out very fast because mining will use 100% of the resources 24 hours a day. Cloud crypto mining is the best workaround. Cloud mining is where you lease mining power from a reputable company at a fee. Since leasing is way cheaper than actually buying the equipment, you stand to break even faster with this approach. However, make sure to do the math before you sign up in order to know if the cloud mining package you want to take makes business sense in the long run.

  1. Altcoin mining

Making profit via mining bitcoin has become such an uphill task that only big-time investors who have thousands of dollars to invest in expensive hardware stand a chance. If you are a beginner without too much capital, you are better off mining altcoins instead. Their complexity is not as much as Bitcoin and there is also less competition. You can then swap the altcoins for ethereum, bitcoin or fiat on an exchange or you could also just hodl.

  1. Global mining

Mining bitcoin is very resource intensive. A crypto mining rig not only wears down the equipment pretty fast but it also results in lots of power consumption. It is, therefore, cheaper to mine Bitcoin in countries where electricity isn’t too expensive. For instance, mining 1 bitcoin in South Korea would cost approximately $26,170 while mining 1 bitcoin in Venezuela would cost approximately $531. This means a rig in Venezuela is making decent profits mining bitcoin while one in South Korea is making a loss.

Crypto mining can be a very profitable venture. You just have to know how best to minimize costs and maximize profits. It wouldn’t make business sense to mine 1 bitcoin at a price higher than the current value for bitcoin. The three strategies for maximizing your mining profits shared above can help you join the league of profitable cryptocurrency miners.

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