What Can You Buy With Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is increasingly becoming a mainstream medium of exchange as more merchants rush to include it on their checkout page. As this trend continues, the things you can purchase with your bitcoin keep increasing each new day. So exactly what can you buy with bitcoin?

Here are some ideas for what you can buy with bitcoin based on what other people are buying with bitcoin:

  1. Digital downloads

It is now possible to purchase digital downloads using bitcoin. Musicians like Imogen, Bjork, and Heep are taking advantage of the crypto revolution and are now accepting Bitcoin as payment for music downloads. Microsoft will also allow you to purchase anything on their app store (movies, apps, and music) with your Bitcoin.

  1. Flights and hotels

It’s no secret that Sir Richard Branson is one of the tycoons who has embraced the Bitcoin revolution. It therefore comes as no surprise that his space travel company, Virgin Galactic, will accept Bitcoin for ticket purchases. Closer to home, companies like CheapAir, SurfAir and Expedia are now accepting Bitcoin as payment for hotel and flight bookings.

  1. Pizza

The very first person to use Bitcoin as currency bought two boxes of pizza for 10,000 Bitcoin. And there is a company that has kept this tradition alive. If you are living in America, you can order pizza from PizzaForCoins and pay online using Bitcoin.

  1. Computers

As far back as 2014, Dell was already accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. Lots of other computer retailers have come on board and you can now buy almost any computer or computer component with Bitcoin. Examples of computer retailers accepting bitcoin include Newegg, Bitdefender, Asrock computers, FrozenCPU, and SwipeClock.

The list above is just a conservative list to help show what you can buy with Bitcoin and how Bitcoin can be used to purchase almost anything. However, making a comprehensive list is almost impossible because merchants are adding Bitcoin to their shopping carts every day. You can also use aggregator services like Coinmap or Spendbitcoins to find companies near you accepting Bitcoin for different goods and services.

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