What Is Crypto Mining And 3 Ways To Get Involved

Even though crypto mining will be turning 10 years in 2019, it is still a little-known concept to most people. But according to Forbes, there is a growing demand for high-end NVidia computers and AMD graphic cards which could indicate a growing interest in mining. So what is crypto mining?

Mining is the process of verifying transactions and adding them to the digital ledger of a blockchain. Whenever a crypto transaction is initiated, a miner helps to ensure its authenticity and then updates it onto the blockchain. At any one time, several miners are competing to solve the mathematical problem required to verify the transactions. The very first miner to crack it gets to verify the transaction is rewarded by a fraction of cryptocurrency mined.

So now given you can answer the question ‘what is crypto mining’, here are three simple methods to get involved:

  1. Buy your own mining hardware

A couple of years ago, you could mine cryptocurrency with your normal computer but as more people have joined the bandwagon, the mining complexity has greatly increased. Today, you have to invest in specialized mining hardware if you are to make any profits. Apart from the computing power, mining will use a lot of electricity so you should also be ready to pay more for electricity.

  1. Cloud mining

If you do not have the money or the patience to set up your own mining hardware, you can still earn from mining by taking advantage of cloud mining. This is where you lease mining power from a reputable company at a fee. Most cloud mining companies have flexible payment plans including monthly or yearly plans. You should, however, do some research to ensure the company is actually leasing you mining power to avoid falling prey to scams.

  1. Mining Rigs

This is by far the most costly method of mining but still the most profitable. This is where you invest in an industrial-scale mining rig. A rig uses specialized hardware with processors custom made for mining purposes. If you have the funds to go this route, you should consider setting up the rig in a country where energy costs aren’t too high.

You do not have to understand the intricate details of what is crypto mining and how the mining technology works for you to earn from mining. As long as you set up the mining hardware the right away, you should start earning fromcryptocurrencies mined. You can then move the mined cryptos to an exchange for trading or store them in a secure wallet. However, remember to calculate your possible return on investment before getting started. For instance, before buying mining hardware, do some research to know how much it can make for you per day.

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